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The Art of Italian Dining: Setting a Festive Table for Capodanno
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The Art of Italian Dining: Setting a Festive Table for Capodanno

As we bid goodbye to the old and usher in the new, nothing captures the essence of celebration quite like a perfectly set table. In Italy, Capodanno (New Year's Eve) is not just a mere change of calendar. It's a symphony of flavors, colors, and traditions coming together to create a feast for the senses. At Cucina Verona, we believe that the art of setting an Italian festive table is an invitation to joy, a prelude to a night of elegance, and a promise of the delightful year ahead.

To create an Italian dining experience that will leave your guests in awe, here are some tips for setting your table with flair and flavor this New Year’s Eve.

Begin with the Right Tavola (Table)

Italian design is all about harmony and balance. Choose a table that is spacious enough to accommodate all the courses you plan to serve. Remember, an Italian New Year’s feast is generous; you’ll need room for antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni, and dolci, not to mention the wine and sparkling to toast!

Linens: The Canvas of Your Creation

Lay a foundation of elegance with a pure linen tablecloth, crisp and white, like a fresh start to the year. Some handcrafted Italian linens will make a sublime backdrop to any gathering.

Centrepiece: A Celebration of La Dolce Vita

Let your centerpiece echo the bounty of Italy. Use a mix of fresh greenery like rosemary or olive branches, paired with the warm glow of candlelight. A cluster of grapes and some artichokes can add a unique touch, representing abundance and good fortune.

Set the Stage with Stoviglie (Dishware)

The Italians have mastered the art of understated elegance. Look into gorgeous selections of artisanal dishware that can add that perfect touch of Italian craftsmanship to your table.

Let the Bicchieri (Glasses) Sparkle

Every Italian knows that the right glass enhances the taste of the wine. Set the table with a variety of glasses to honor each type of drink you’ll be serving. Flutes for the Prosecco, red or white wine glasses, and smaller ones for digestivi. Don’t forget the water glasses, and perhaps a colorful Murano glass piece for added Italian authenticity.

Posate (Cutlery): Arranged with Precision

Place your cutlery in the order it will be used, from the outside in. An Italian table is an orchestra, and every utensil plays its part — from forks for the antipasti to spoons for the dessert.

Italian Touches You Can’t Miss

No Italian table is complete without the quintessentials, such as a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, perhaps sourced from Puglia or Tuscany; an aged balsamic vinegar; a freshly baked crusty bread; and sea salt in a small bowl. Grab the essentials from Mercato and have your guests feeling transported to the hillsides of Italy!

A Personal Touch

Lastly, add a personal touch. Place a handwritten place card at each setting, or perhaps a small individual favor — a mini panettone tied with a ribbon or a tiny bottle of limoncello.

Setting a table is setting a stage, and with Italian flair, your Capodanno table will be a masterpiece that starts the New Year with artistry, elegance, and a promise of good things to come. Find all the inspiration and authentic Italian products you need at Cucina Verona Mercato to transform your dining space into a festa fit for the New Year.

Raising a glass to the year that has passed, and one more to the year ahead, we toast: Salute e felicità! Cheers to health and happiness!



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