Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam by Sarubbi, 8.1 oz,

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Sarubbi Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam: A Spicy, Sweet Delight

A Flavor Fusion from Calabria: Sarubbi's Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam, offered in an 8.1 oz jar, is a bold and compelling condiment that captures the essence of Southern Italian flavors. This jam perfectly balances the fiery heat of Calabrian peperoncino, the zestiness of lemon, and the sweetness of sugar, creating a unique and mouthwatering spread.

Ideal for Cheese Pairings: This jam is especially delectable when paired with cheeses, enhancing both sheep cheeses and herbal cheeses like Murazzano or Gorgonzola. Its spicy and sweet notes complement the creamy and robust flavors of these cheeses, making it an excellent choice for cheese boards or as a gourmet topping.

Spicy Cheese Board with Calabrian Chili Pepper Jam


  • A selection of cheeses (sheep cheeses, Gorgonzola, etc.)
  • Sarubbi Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam
  • Crackers or rustic bread
  • Fresh fruits and nuts for pairing


  1. Arrange an assortment of cheeses on a serving board.
  2. Place a bowl of Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam alongside.
  3. Add crackers or slices of rustic bread.
  4. Garnish the board with fresh fruits and nuts.
  5. Enjoy this spicy and flavorful cheese board, perfect for entertaining or as an indulgent snack.