Fieschi Mostarda Di Cremona 13.4 oz Jar

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Fieschi Mostarda di Cremona: A Traditional Italian Condiment

A Blend of Sweet and Spicy: Fieschi's Mostarda di Cremona, presented in a 13.4 oz jar, is a unique Italian condiment that harmoniously blends sweet and spicy flavors. Made following a traditional Cremonese recipe, this preserve involves carefully selected fruits from various regions in Italy, candied and immersed in a rich sugar syrup. The resulting product is a delightful accompaniment to a range of dishes.

Ideal for Holiday Boards and More: Mostarda di Cremona is especially perfect for elevating holiday charcuterie and cheese boards, adding a unique touch with its sweet heat. Its versatility makes it suitable for various other culinary applications, from appetizers to main dishes.

Holiday Charcuterie and Cheese Board with Mostarda di Cremona


  • Assorted cheeses (hard, soft, aged)
  • Cured meats and charcuterie
  • Fieschi Mostarda di Cremona
  • Crackers, artisanal breads, and nuts
  • Fresh fruits for pairing


  1. Arrange a selection of cheeses and cured meats on a large board.
  2. Add a bowl of Mostarda di Cremona as a centerpiece.
  3. Surround with crackers, slices of artisanal bread, and various nuts.
  4. Include fresh fruits like grapes or figs to complement the flavors.
  5. Serve as a festive and flavorful charcuterie and cheese board, perfect for holiday gatherings.