Francois Doucet Raspberry Fruit Jellies 3.17 oz

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François Doucet Raspberry Fruit Jellies: A Burst of French Elegance

A Delicate Confection with Deep Roots in Tradition: François Doucet's Raspberry Fruit Jellies is a delightful representation of French confectionery art. These translucent, richly pigmented, soft, gelled candies, historically known as “dry jam,” are a sensory treat. Made with a high percentage of fruit puree and pulp (51%), they offer a bright and vivid fruitiness that sets them apart from ordinary supermarket jellies. Their higher moisture content ensures a soft and pleasant texture, while a light sugar coating adds a subtle crunch without stickiness.

An Exquisite Blend of Flavor and Texture: These raspberry jellies are not just candies; they celebrate flavor and craftsmanship. Each piece is a jewel-like creation, perfect for savoring as a sweet treat or incorporating into various culinary creations.

Raspberry Jelly and Cheese Pairing

Serving Suggestion:

  • François Doucet Raspberry Fruit Jellies
  • A selection of cheeses (such as Brie, Chèvre, or Blue Cheese)
  • Artisan bread or crackers
  • Fresh fruits for garnish (grapes, apple slices)


  1. Arrange the raspberry fruit jellies on a cheese board.
  2. Add a variety of cheeses, choosing ones that complement the sweet and tart flavors of the jellies.
  3. Serve with artisan bread or crackers for texture.
  4. Garnish the board with fresh fruits for a complete gourmet experience.