Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Frescobaldi 500 ml

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Frescobaldi Laudemio Olive Oil is a premium and highly esteemed extra virgin olive oil that hails from the renowned Italian winemaking family, the Frescobaldi. This great olive oil is characterized by its exceptional quality, rich flavor profile, and centuries-old tradition of production.

Crafted from the first cold pressing of hand-picked, estate-grown Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino olives, Frescobaldi Laudemio Olive Oil stands as a true testament to the art of olive oil making. The olives are carefully selected and harvested at the peak of ripeness to ensure an oil of unparalleled freshness and purity.

This exceptional olive oil exhibits a brilliant emerald-green hue, signifying its remarkable freshness. Its aroma is redolent with notes of freshly cut grass, green apples, and a hint of artichoke, promising a sensory journey that is both vibrant and nuanced. On the palate, it offers an exquisite balance of fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency, making it an ideal companion for enhancing a wide array of culinary creations. Its robust, peppery finish is a testament to its high polyphenol content, indicative of its health benefits and longevity.

Frescobaldi Laudemio Olive Oil is not only prized for its taste but also for its historical significance and commitment to quality. Laudemio, meaning "praise" in Italian, has a history dating back to the Middle Ages when it was a tribute of the finest olive oil offered to the Church and nobility. Today, this tradition is continued by the Frescobaldi family, ensuring that each bottle of Laudemio Olive Oil represents the very best that Tuscan olive groves have to offer.

In summary, Frescobaldi Laudemio Olive Oil is a testament to the Frescobaldi family's dedication to producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil that transcends mere sustenance and elevates the culinary experience to new heights. Its fresh, vibrant flavor and rich history make it a treasured and coveted addition to the world of gourmet oils.