Festive Delights Sampler Box

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Savor a slice of Italian festive charm with the "Festive Delights Sampler Box." This cozy collection invites you to unwrap the joy of the holidays with time-honored treats, from the classic Panettoni Mini by Choistro to the soft and sumptuous Pandoro Mini di Verona. Each mini Panettone offers a taste of the authentic Italian holiday spirit, while fruit jellies in pomegranate and blueberry burst with sweet and tangy flavors. The Baci Amaretto Truffles round off this delightful assortment with their smooth texture and rich taste, making each box a miniature celebration of Italy's sweetest traditions.

Festive Truffle-Stuffed Panettone Bites


  • 1 Panettoni Mini Classic
  • 1 box Baci Amaretto Truffles
  • Le Preziose Fruit Jelly Pomegranate and Blueberry


  1. Carefully slice the Panettoni Mini into 1-inch thick rounds.
  2. Use a small cookie cutter or a teaspoon to make an indentation in the center of each round.
  3. Fill the hole with a Baci Amaretto Truffle, pressing gently so the truffle is snug within the Panettone.
  4. Top each truffle with a small dollop of fruity jelly, choosing either pomegranate or blueberry for a delightful contrast.
  5. Serve immediately as a sweet, stuffed treat that combines the traditional flavors of Italy with a playful twist. Enjoy these bites as a festive and elegant dessert at your next holiday gathering!

Box items:

Panettoni Mini Classic  Choistro 100 G

Fruit Jelly Pomegranate and Blueberry Le Preziose 7 oz

Baci Amaretto Truffles Box 7 oz

Pandoro Mini di Verona , bauli 3.5 oz

Panettone Mini  Augusta  100 G