Panforte Vegan Fig Le Logge, 7.76 oz

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Le Logge Vegan Fig Panforte: A Tuscan Delicacy Reimagined

A Taste of Siena's Rich Culinary History: Le Logge's Organic Vegan Fig Panforte, weighing 7.76 oz, offers a unique twist on a traditional Tuscan fruitcake. With a rich history originating from Siena, Italy, this dense cake is packed with organic dried figs, almonds, hazelnuts, an array of spices, candied fruits, and honey. The use of rare spices and wood-fired ovens in its preparation adds to its authenticity and rich flavor profile.

A Versatile and Festive Treat: This Vegan Fig Panforte is a delightful dessert and pairs wonderfully with cheese and fresh fruits, making it a versatile choice for various culinary settings. It is gratifying during the holiday season when it can be served as a luxurious treat alongside Italian Vin Santo or other sweet wines.

Vegan Fig Panforte and Cheese Platter


  • Slices of Le Logge Vegan Fig Panforte
  • Assortment of vegan cheeses
  • Fresh fruits like figs, grapes, and pears
  • Nuts and vegan honey for pairing


  1. Arrange slices of Vegan Fig Panforte on a platter.
  2. Add a variety of vegan cheeses next to the Panforte.
  3. Place fresh fruits around the cheeses and Panforte.
  4. Include a selection of nuts and a small bowl of vegan honey.
  5. Serve as a sophisticated appetizer or dessert, perfect for holiday gatherings or special occasions.